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Academic Excellence

Delivering an exceptional full time educational experience for grades 3-9 and virtual platform for grades 10-12

Loving and Dedicated Faculty

Our Academy instructional staff are of the highest caliber and comes to us from across the nation with either:

1. Bachelors degree or higher

2. Three or more years of K-12th grade teaching experience

3. Special skills, knowledge, or expertise that qualifies them to provide instruction in K-12th grade subjects


Our teachers assemble a structured learning environment while promoting inquiry and encouraging “freedom within limits.”


The XL Academy team all share the common goal of establishing a strong academic curriculum in a nurturing environment where young minds can explore and grow.

Key Features
Math Homework

Progressive Academic Curriculum

XL Academy values the structured learning approach.


We boost high levels of student achievement by providing a curriculum that exhibits elevated academic standards grounded in a strong foundation of reading, writing, and mathematics.

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Cultural Enrichment

All of our students participate in the study of the Spanish language, consisting of vocabulary and cultural studies.


Studying a foreign language is extremely beneficial to a students intellectual growth and creates an obvious personal advantage for the future.


Knowledge acquired from studying another culture will encourage our students to learn more about the world.

Business Meeting

Learning With Technology

Our media curriculum ensures that every student is technologically literate and able to use, manage, and understand technology and its value in our global society.


Students have access to computer labs and instruction in mouse skills, keyboarding, online citizenship, internet research, and word processing.


In addition, teachers and students utilize iPads and Apple TVs in the library and classrooms to enhance  instruction across the curriculum.

Grades 3-9:
Face to Face Curriculum

XL Academy creates an inspiring and supportive environment where 6th-8th graders can grow and flourish.

Our team is committed to developing our students with life skills such as teamwork, motivation, endurance, fitness and mental wellness.

These facets translate to any corporate or sports environment, college, university or professional club at any level.


  • Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling

  • Public Speaking

  • Writing Competence

  • Literature

  • Narrative, Information, Expository, Analysis, Persuasive Writing


  • Algebraic Reasoning

  • Problem Solving

  • Logic

  • Geometry

  • Graphing

  • Data Analysis

Soccer & Physical Literacy

  • Game Strategy

  • Team Sportsmanship

  • Health & Fitness Goals

  • Tactical Awareness

  • Flexibility & Performance

  • Competitive Training & Games

  • Performance Management


  • Speech & Debate

  • Multicultural Studies

  • Health & Nutrition

  • Financial Literacy

  • Life Management Skills

  • Chess

  • Field Trips / LIVE Soccer Games


  • Scientific Method

  • Animal & Plant Cells

  • Animal Reproduction

  • Electricity / Magnetism

  • Human Impact

  • Technology

  • Chemistry, Matter & Energy

  • Human Body Systems

Social Studies

  • American History

  • The Constitution

  • Map & Globe Skills

  • Ancient Civilizations

  • Civics

  • Geography

  • World Studies

Library / Computer Skills

  • Bibliographies

  • Source Citing

  • Paraphrasing Techniques

  • Keyboard Techniques

  • MS Office

  • Coding / Advanced Coding

Foreign Languages

  • Spanish

  • Cultural Studies

  • Beginning to Intermediate Vocabulary

  • Conjugation of Verbs

  • Beginning to Advanced Conversation

Grade 6-8

Grades 10-12:
Virtual Learning Platform

XL Academy offers an ideal environment for no-limits learning with the FLVS interactive curriculum.

A balance of academic and soccer excellence underpins our commitment to our students developing key life skills such as teamwork, motivation, endurance, fitness, and mental wellness.

Our goal is for our students to be fully prepared for any corporate or sports environment college, university, or a professional club at any level.


  • Algebra 1

  • Algebra 2

  • Calculus Honors

  • Geometry

  • Liberal Arts Mathematics 1

  • Liberal Arts Mathematics 2

  • Math for College Readiness

  • Pre-Calculus Honors

  • Probability & Statistics with Applications Honors


  • Agriscience Foundations 1

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Biology 1

  • Chemistry 1

  • Earth / Space Science 1

  • Forensic Science 1

  • Marine Science 1

  • Physical Science

  • Physics 1


  • English 1

  • English 2

  • English 3

  • English 4

  • English 4: Florida College Prep

Social Studies

  • Economics

  • United States Government

  • United States History

  • World History

Soccer & Physical Literacy

  • Advanced Game Strategy

  • Performance Management & Sportsmanship

  • Competitive Training & Games

  • Health & Fitness

  • Advanced Tactical Awareness

  • Personal Portfolio Preparation


  • Financial Literacy

  • Coding

  • Speech & Debate

  • Electives

  • Health & Nutrition

  • Life Management

  • Field Trips / LIVE Soccer Games

Grade 8-12
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