athletic exCellence


The XL Academy soccer curriculum has been created by a combination of USSF A licensed coaches,
professional players, NCAA Division 1, 2 and 3 coaches, and Academy Directors from the English Premier
League. Bringing these minds together has developed a challenging curriculum while keeping the safety and
recovery of players at an absolute priority.

The custom designed soccer curriculum has been created to keep both player development and game
understanding at the forefront, while constant monitoring avoids overload and impact injuries. This

  • Physical literacy

  • Game understand based sessions

  • Technical and tactical sessions

  • Classroom based game analysis/understanding

  • Post and pregame video analysis

  • Individual development and progression

  • Team development

  • Non results based development

  • Results based competitive fixtures

  • Game development and management

  • Authentic situations and emotions

  • Character development

  • Winning and losing intensity

  • Real time monitoring of performance, progression fatigue and emotion

  • Real time feedback to players, coaches and parents through soccer specific technology


Technology does not stop at our academics. We are also at the forefront of technology
with our soccer program. Video monitoring, GPS utilization, and Apollo technology allow
real-time feedback to ensure our training goals are met and “deliberate practice” is being met
at each and every session.


Strength & Conditioning

All students will be placed on an individually designed year round strength and conditioning program
by our in house S&C Director.

Performance and Recovery Based Diets

Lunch and smoothies provided daily will provide all the essential foods for high performance and

100% Renewable Energy

By Sept 2020 the school will be run off 100% solar energy

International Travel

As part of our commitment to play at the highest level and provide the greatest opportunities to play
professionally, students will be offered the opportunity to travel abroad and train with professional
international youth academies.

College Mentors

Top NCAA college coaches will be engaging with students and parents each semester to advise
on the correct path to college acceptance

Soccer Ambassadors

Alan Smith, who has played at the highest level both domestically and internationally, is an
outstanding role model for the students and assists in identifying talent and opportunities for professional development.