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Dedicated educators supported by World Class coaches

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Alan Smith

XL Academy Director

As a former professional player in the English Premier League with over 600 career appearances, Alan has worked with some of the best coaches in history.


Within the XL Academy he has crafted a curriculum, philosophy and culture based on his journey from an academy player at Leeds United to international player with England.

"The goal of The XL Academy is to produce National Team players while giving every student the opportunity to perform to their greatest potential on the field and in the classroom."

Playing Biography

  • England National Team 2001—2008

  • Leeds United 1996—2004

  • Manchester United 2004—2008

  • Newcastle United 2008—2012

  • MK Don Player Coach 2012—2014

  • Notts. County Player Coach 2014—2018

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Gary Teale

Playing Biography

Head Coach

"Having the opportunity to work with students passionate about soccer whilst instilling core life values through the power of soccer is a core principle of the XL Academy."

  • Scotland National Team 2006-2009

  • Clydebank 1996-1998

  • Ayr Utd 1998-2001

  • Wigan Athletic 2001-2007

  • Derby County 2007-2010

  • Sheffield Wednesday 2010-2011

  • St Mirren FC 2011-2015

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Luke Boden

Playing Biography

Head Coach

'A healthy balance of academic and athletic excellence is a key component our students learn at the XL Academy. This principle is at the heart of our curriculum and development programs.'  

  • Sheffield Wednesday 1996-2011

  • Orlando City 2011-2017

  • Tampa Bay Rowdies 2017-2018


Radim Kohut

Senior Coach

'All the XL Academy coaches are 100% committed to our students development and we clearly understand our roles as soccer coaches but also shared life coaches"  

Playing Biography

  • Czech Republic Youth National Team

  • FC Banik Ostrava